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What is Scrambler Technology

Scrambler Pain Therapy (also known as Calmare Therapy) is one of the most talked about up and coming medical technologies to provide significant relief for both chronic neuropathic and oncologic pain -no drugs or surgery required. The device received FDA approval nearly 10 years ago in 2009 and has caught the attention of "Health and Medical" experts at Mayo Clinic, John Hopkins, and MD Anderson which have all published trials displaying the therapies amazing effects.  

We are proud to be the only Scrambler Pain Therapy provider in Arizona to undergo Scrambler Training in both the U.S. and Europe. We strive to deliver the best possible outcome for the treatment of painful Nerve Pain, Neuropathy, CRPS, Failed Surgery, Post Herpetic Neuralgia, Chemo Induced Peripheral Neuropathy, Phantom Limb Syndrome, Chronic Neck and Back Pain, and more... We cater to our neighbors in Mesa, Phoenix, Chandler, and Gilbert and invite you to visit our primary office located in Gold Canyon.

The Utilization of Scrambler Technology

Scrambler Pain Therapy is a FDA cleared medical device utilized in the management of pain and is quickly growing in popularity with patients due to the drastic results. Scrambler Pain Therapy uses nerve scrambling technology to treat patients with chronic neuropathic, oncologic and drug resistant pain in a non invasive, painless, drug free manner. There are no known side effects to this treatment and the therapy is clinically proven to diminish reoccurrence without traditional side effects such as drowsiness, depression, and addiction. 

What To Expect

When determining whether Scrambler Pain Therapy is right for you it is suggested to review some of the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS on our FAQ page.  Here you will find information about potential contraindications involved with treatment. The wonderful thing about treating with Scrambler Technology is that a patient should respond significantly with just one treatment which will help determine the effectiveness of the therapy on the patient.


Scrambler Pain Therapy (Calmare)

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