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Dr Wade and his staff strive to deliver the best possible therapeutic outcome with each treatment and we are proud to share our patient success stories. Thank you for your trust and your kind words. There is no greater compliment than a referral of a friend or loved one.  

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Patient Testimonials

Good Decision To Come Here.

"I was suspicious of this unusual treatment. But after 8 Calmare treatments my foot neuropathy is significantly improved. Dr. Wade has been clear, involved in each treatment, and is clearly concerned about the welfare of his patients. I especially appreciated the first trial to help me make the decision to continue the series."



Improved Foot Sensation Following Treatment

"Felt legs and feet for the first time in 3 years and felt normal functioning of nerve and skin sensitivity again, very grateful i found dr wade and decided to commit to treatment."



I Was In Chronic Pain For Two Years and Calmare Therapy Relieved The Pain.

"I have nerve damage from a injury. The calmare therapy has relieved my pain giving me hope that my nerve damage will go away."



CRPS/RSD Following Knee Replacement.

"The first treatment was 3 years ago, and once Dr. Wade had set up the electrodes the nerve pain was just washed away. My husband said he could see the pain leave my eyes almost immediately, the relief was amazing. We have tried other therapies with mixed results, this scrambler therapy is the only one that has offered that instant relief and although it is not a cure it does last for myself for about 6 months. We have returned on an annual basis for follow-up treatments with the same result."



Calmare Really Helps With CRPS Pain!

"I am 18 and was diagnosed with CRPS after breaking my leg. The pain in my foot was unbearable. I tried many treatments and medications but still had pain. I weaned off my meds to try Calmare. Originally went to NJ and Calmare decreased my pain down to a level 1. When my pain began to return I found Dr. Wade in AZ. I went in for boosters and Dr. Wade got me back to a level 1. I am still at a level 1 and I can walk without a cane. Thanks Dr. Wade!"



Incredible results!

"After multiple, unsuccessful back surgeries & other various treatments, & desperate enough to try anything, a friend recommended the scrambler pain therapy. I was very skeptical on my first visit (which Dr Wade says you’ll know if you’re a candidate or not), I was quite excited with the results. Having 30+ yrs of 6-8 daily pain scale range, Dr. Wade now has me down to 0-3 pain. I highly recommend anyone with chronic pain to give him an opportunity, it could change your life!"



Miracle Cure!

"My son was injured at work, could not get out of pain (lived at a 7) despite multiple Physical therapy sessions, shock wave therapy, tens unit, essential oils, muscle relaxers, and ibuprofen. I found Dr. Wade's website and decided to give it a try. After the first session, he had immediate relief for the first time in 6 months. His pain came back, but not a 7, and not the entire area. He has continued to do better and better with each session. He has gone from sitting around in pain (at 5-7 range) to being active again and only going to a 2. Recently, we could even go shopping for an hour an half with pain by the end (9), but it went down to a 2 on its own. Previously, he couldn't even shop for 10 minutes without going to a 9, and stayed there. Dr. Wade is a wonderfully caring doctor who actually wants the patient to be pain free, despite the multiple modalities and attempts. This is a Miracle cure for CRPS."



Unbelievable Results With Dr. Ryan Wade & Calmare Therapy

"Neuropathy pain was getting worse by the day. I've tried various forms of treatment to eliminate the discomfort of this. I was referred by a previous patient and as a last resort I decided to call and talk with Dr. Wade, he explained the Scramble treatment in great detail. Previously I had undergone a similar treatment at a cost exceeding $9,000. to no avail, but after learning more about this treatment I decided to make the trip from Colorado to Arizona for the initial consultation and 10 days of treatment. Today is day 8 of my treatment and the results have been unbelievable. Pain level is down from 8 to a 0. Dr Wade has been very accommodating in every aspect to include adjusting his family time to meet my accommodations. This has been worth the time and minimal amount of money that I have spent for the relief that I've obtained from this. I feel that Dr. Wade and his secretary has been god sent."



OMG-Fibromyalgia Tamed At Last!

"I first met Dr. Wade when he was treating my son with Calmare Therapy. He added a light, and I asked what that was. He explained that it was Bioptron therapy. He advised that he would like me to thoroughly research it (he gave me the best searches) before deciding to try it. The very first session took me from barely being able to move my head from the fibromyalgia trying to take up residence in my chest (I had a hematoma from surgery) and my scar at the base of my neck from the surgery, it also was causing burning pain under my collarbones. I felt like my chest was exploding, just trying to type! I had stitching pain in my collarbones, just by using the mouse. The very first therapy helped my chest area become so much less sensitive that I could actually touch it again. The burning in my collar bones went from 10 almost constantly down to a 2 only when I used my arms at greater lengths of time. I now have had 3-4 sessions of the Bioptron light therapy. I am almost back to normal."



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