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Scrambler Therapy/neuropathy


Neuropathy is a condition that can appear mostly due to nerve damage, especially to the peripheral nerves. If left untreated its progression can expand and cause problems like pain, numbness, and weakness in your feet or your hands.  The peripheral nervous system is always sending information from the brain to the remainder for your body. But in the case of nerve pain, the signal is interrupted, and that can lead to problems. Neuropathy pain can be very challenging, it can also render you unable to perform the simple activities of daily living. Fortunately over the years treatment for this potentially debilitating condition has evolved in the areas of medicine and alternative care.


One of the most interesting things about Neuropathy is that the symptoms differ based on what nerve type was affected. These symptoms can include muscle weakness, lack of coordination, extreme sensitivity to touching, and burning pain. Numbness in the feet is a very common symptom of Neuropathy that tends to affect the senior population or those suffering from diabetic neuropathy. This can make it very challenging to walk, leaving the individual vulnerable to a fall.


There are many ways a nerve can be compromised leading to neuropathy.  Physically, any type of injury that relates to a nerve can lead to Neuropathy or a disruption of the nervous system.  Some of the other causes may include vitamin deficiency, tumors, trauma, inherited disorders, infections, medication, exposure to poison, diabetes, and alcoholism.


To give a very general definition of Neuropathy: neuro=nerve and pathy=pathology so what you have is a nerve/pathology. 

Neuropathy can involve the myotomes which can effect motor skills or dermatomes which can affect sensation. Both the dermatome and myotome within a nerve can be affected individually or together- this can be determined by changes to sensation or motor function.


Treating Neuropathy is all about understanding the specific cause behind your pain. Sometimes it may be obvious, other times it will be very hard to pinpoint. Treatment options of choice range from medications like anticonvulsants, antidepressants, and painkillers (most commonly known as opiates).

But the best way to manage or eliminate your Neuropathy is to opt for the Scrambler Pain Therapy. It is safe and effective with no medications or surgeries required.  Within one visit you will know whether you are a candidate for this one of a kind non-evasive therapy. Serving Mesa, Phoenix, Gilbert, Gold Canyon, and surrounding areas.


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