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Phantom Limb Syndrome

Phantom Limb Syndrome is a very unique condition that affects mostly amputees. But the phantom sensations can also be perceived by people that have had spinal cord injuries, strokes, or other peripheral nerve injuries.

Phantom pain is not new. The first time it was described was back in 1552 by Ambroise Pare, who was a French surgeon. He operated on soldiers and wrote various works related to the patients with amputated extremities. Many of them suffered from the Phantom Limb Syndrome, as they described sensations of pain in the amputated limbs. It wasn’t until the 1990’s when neuroplasticity could explain why this happens.   After amputation the nervous system is unable to identify the missing limb, so improper information is conveyed.

The erroneous information can be perceived as touch, pressure, itch, vibration, shooting pains, pins/needles, and abnormal temperature sensitivity. In some cases a skewed perception of motor movement may be present which can be very challenging  in the performance of activities of daily living.

In some instances Phantom Limb Syndrome has been known to go away on its own. However for those that suffer from this potentially devastating condition analgesics, sedative hypnotics as well as antidepressants or anticonvulsants have been shown to provide relief.

Due to the evasiveness in treatment options for Phantom Limb Syndrome many patients suffering from this condition are seeking out cost effective alternatives without the use of drugs or surgeries.  One of the newest and most successful alternative treatments on the market today is Scrambler Pain Therapy.  Several military hospitals throughout the United States have been working with this therapy for the treatment of Phantom Limb Syndrome as well as other chronic pain and nerve pain related conditions.  If you or someone you love is interested in obtaining more information regarding the Scrambler Pain Therapy please call our office at 480-857-2098.

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